Breville The Fast Slow Pro, Silver

When I first saw the Breville The Fast Slow Pro Silver while I was going through the best electric pressure cooker reviews, I couldn’t believe how expensive this unit was. It was quite a bit more than other comparable models I’ve reviewed for my best electric pressure cooker sections in the past. However, I couldn’t resist checking this unit out to see what was so special about it.

One of the first things I noticed was that it really had the look of a commercial model. Like it was something that belonged in a restaurant and not on my kitchen counter. I also noticed that it had a nifty LCD screen that told me when it was pressurizing, when it was cooking and when it was releasing steam. Under this screen, it had 3 dials marked Temperature, Start and Time, as well as three buttons: Stop/Cancel, Release and Keep Warm.

The next thing that I noticed is that it had 11 different settings, plus a custom setting. I could choose to set it to vegetables, rice, risotto, soup, stock, beans, poultry, meat, bone-in meat, chili/stew and dessert. And after cooking any of those things, it had a keep warm feature that kept the food warm for me.

This unit also had a 3-way safety system that kept it safe for the average person to use. This safety features consists of a locking lid, a manual steam release and a safety valve. Which made me very comfortable using it.

The one thing that I really didn’t like about the Breville The Fast Slow Pro Silver is its ceramic cooking pot. And judging from the best electric pressure cooker reviews, I’m evidently not alone in that sentiment. I would have much preferred a stainless steel cooking pot, or even just a steel one. You would think for this price it would have a steel one but it didn’t.

While I didn’t necessarily have a problem with the ceramic pot, I do feel that it might be easily scratched and if that did happen, then it would start to retain odors. Of course, this is just conjecture but I was careful to not use metal utensils with this unit.

As far as cooking is concerned, this unit was pretty exceptional. It handled every cooking job I threw at it and had no problems whatsoever. I really liked the all of the different options I had. As far as cooking, it’s just about fool-proof.

What really keeps this unit from becoming the best electric pressure cooker on the market today is its price and it ceramic cooking pot. If it were a little less expensive and had a steel cooking pot, then this unit would probably wipe the floor with every other pressure cooker. As it stands today, however, it is just a pretty good pressure cooker that makes cooking pretty easy. It’s definitely a unit to take a look at if the price or the cooking pot doesn’t phase you.

9.2 Total Score
Bottom Line

Operating Temperatures
Cooking Quality
  • 11 settings from Low to High
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Expensive
  • Ceramic Cooking Pot
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