Power Pressure Cooker XL 8-Quart Review

The Power Pressure XL 8-Quart Pressure Cooker is an electric pressure cooker which is about 14″ high, 12″ wide and approximately 14.5 ” deep. It has a non-stick inner pot that isn’t made out of stainless steel but is made out of some sort of coated aluminum. Like other Power Pressure XL models, it has a safe lock lid that has a manual steam release and a decent size digital display that features a number of different buttons. These buttons include a button for Delay Timer, Keep Warm/Cancel, Canning/Preserving, Time Adjustment, Soup/Stew, Chicken/Meat, Slow Cook, Rice/Risotto, Beans/Lentils and Fish/Vegetables Steam.

The first thing I tested in this pressure cooker was its rice feature. I placed my brown rice in it, pressed the Rice Button and adjusted the time to 18-minutes using the Cook Time Selector button. It took a little while to come to pressure, but when it did the timer began to count down. After I released the steam using the easy-to-use steam release and a pair of tongs, I checked the rice and it was cooked pretty well. It would appear this unit does well with foods that require less of a cook time. So I decided to test it using a dish that was a little more time intensive and that dish was beef stew.

After I prepared my beef stew, which was cuts of sirloin, potatoes and various vegetables, I cooked it in the pressure cooker. One thing I immediately noticed about this pressure cooker was that it really didn’t reach a very high pressure, so it took a bit longer to cook my stew than it did in other electric pressure cookers. I wasn’t really happy with it’s lack of power.

Another thing I really didn’t care for about this pressure cooker was that it didn’t have that quality feel to it that I had expected. I didn’t like the fact that it didn’t have a stainless steel Inner Pot and I didn’t like how the lid felt. I’m not sure if this cooker would stand up to the test of time.

Overall, I think the Power Pressure XL 8-Quart Pressure Cooker is just an all right cooker. It’s certainly not the best pressure cooker in its class. If you’re looking for the best pressure cooker, we feature many of them on this site. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of them. Which is quite a shame. I think with a few tweaks and a few higher quality parts, this cooker could’ve been right up there with the rest of them. They just kind of missed the mark.

8.2 Total Score
Bottom Line

I think it's just an all right cooker. Certainly not the best in its class. With a few tweaks and a few higher quality parts, it could've been right up there with the rest of the best ones.

Operating Temperatures
Cooking Quality
  • Decent Capacity
  • Easy to Use
  • Many Different Settings
  • Lower Pressure Level
  • Inner Pot is Not Stainless Steel
  • Quality Isn't as High as it Should be
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